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  • Blanc

    Bouilloire KitchenAid Artisan

    La couleur de ce sachet peut varier.

    Avec son design vintage et son large choix de coloris, la bouilloire KitchenAid Artisan 1,5 L se fondra parfaitement dans votre cuisine ! Son thermostat vous permet d'ajuster la température selon votre type de thé et de tisane et sa verseuse à double-paroi garde votre eau bien au chaud.

    The act of stopping for a moment to chat around a comforting warm drink is a ritual that accompanies us through life. In a choice of colours and with a curvaceous, inviting design, the Dual Wall 1.5 L Kettle is also generous in features. Love tea ? Adjust the temperature range to suit your infusions: nicely warm for delicate green tea or hot for coarse Assam. The dual wall cavity keeps water hotter for longer and the kettle cooler to the touch. A pop of colour in the kitchen, the 1.5 L Kettle is always ready for the next conversation.

    Removable limescale filter.
    Smooth, rounded design with 1,5L capacity
    Dual wall construction
    Adjustable temperature, from 50°C to 100°C
    Robust, stable anda easy to grip